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9 November, 2014

Unearthly Pie (Banana, Chocolate & Custard)


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This pie recipe was based loosely on Hells Pizza’s Unearthly dessert pizza. My Unearthly Pie recipe contains banana (+ mixed fruit), chocolate and custard.


  • Sweet short crust pastry
  • chocolate
  • Nutella
  • 1 tin of fruit cocktail
  • 1 banana
  • custard

Recipe Directions

  1. Drain the syrup from the tinned fruit, keeping the fruit
  2. Add sliced banana, Nutella and chocolate chunks
  3. Heat the mixture until it’s warm and the Nutella is nicely mixed in
  4. Put the pastry in the pie maker
  5. Add the mixture
  6. Add the custard on top (a couple of spoons will do, per pie)
  7. Add the pie lid and cook the pie

Makes 3 (very filling!) Unearthly Pies.

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