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23 November, 2014

Sanitarium Try Me Free Offer A Scam

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Sanitarium have teamed up with New World, an New Zealand based supermarket to give away some of their breakfast products. So what’s the catch with the Santiarium Try Me Free offer? Basically you have to buy the products from New World supermarket, then mail the receipt and Try Me Free voucher to Sanitarium, who promise to send you a cheque with your money back. There are a few other (reasonable terms & conditions, such as only 2 products free per household, etc).

The Sanitarium Try Me Free offer sounds great, until you try to get your money back. They just don’t bother sending you the cheque. It’s basically a scam.

Upon doing a little more research, it seems that Sanitarium are a crocked company that are based in New Zealand and Australia. They have quite a monopoly in Australasia because their prices can’t be beaten. Why? Because Sanitarium have registered themselves as a religion for tax reasons, kindly giving all their profits to the Seventh-day Adventist Church (mormons). Sanitarium are not only taking your money as part of their Try Me Free “offer”, they’re avoiding tax and creating a monopoly.

I know it’s hard to boycott a monopoly, but from now on I’ll be doing my darnedest to avoid buying Sanitarium products.

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One thought on “Sanitarium Try Me Free Offer A Scam”

  • Lewis
    December 13, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Today (a good month later) I received a cheque in the mail from Sanitarium covering the cost of one of the two products bought (The offer said that you could try two products free).

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