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31 October, 2014

Nutella On Toast


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Ok, so Nutella on toast isn’t the healthiest snack, but it is cheap and personally, I don’t believe that it’s unhealthy to eat snacks (carbs / sugary treats / chocolate) as part of a balanced diet. If you get plenty of exercise or are young and therefore have a high demand for energy consumption, then so long as you’re getting enough nutrient from other foods, it’s probably not that bad to have some sugary snacks to supplement your energy requirements. Testament to this is the fact that most athletes eat lots of junk food (along with¬†normal healthy meals) to get their energy up.

Recipe Ingredients

  • Nutella
  • Toast

Recipe Directions

It puts the Nutella on the toast


To improve the recipe and make it a bit healthier (sort of), add banana with sugar / syrup on top and grill / blowtorch the tops of the bananas.

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