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14 November, 2014

Best Creamy Carbonara Recipe Ever

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This is the best creamy carbonara recipe I’ve ever tasted. It’s a traditional Italian carbonara, the recipe is creamy, but the cream is balanced by the salt in the bacon fat it’s cooked in. That’s right, I said that the sauce is cooked in bacon fat. You’ll soon see why I say this is the best creamy carbonara recipe ever… 🙂

Recipe Ingredients

  • Pasta
  • Bacon
  • Onion
  • Vegetables (Spinach and peas work best, but you can add any vegetables to carbonara. Just be aware that the more vegetables you add, the less tasty it will be. If you want to add more to make it healthier, I recommend broccoli / cauliflower as they don’t detract from the taste of the carbonara sauce too much)
  • Chicken (optional, but increases the cost of the dish if you’re trying to keep it cheap)

Creamy carbonara sauce

  • Cream
  • Garlic salt with mixed herbs
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Chilli powder (optional. Use this if your parmesan cheese is low quality)
  • Black pepper

Recipe Instructions

  1. Cut the bacon into pieces
  2. Cut the onion into slices
  3. Shave the parmesan cheese
  4. Start cooking the pasta
  5. To make the creamy carbonara sauce, pour the cream into a small pot and cook on the lowest heat you can. Add mixed herbed garlic salt and add the shaved parmesan cheese. Stir regularly to make sure it doesn’t lump. You want to add as much parmesan cheese as you can to the cream without making it lumpy. Leave it to melt and keep tasting it, add a pinch of chilli powder if the taste is bland. If you buy a good parmesan cheese, you won’t need to do this. To make the best carbonara, you’ll need the best parmesan cheese (and bacon) you can get your hands on. Finally, add some black pepper
  6. At the same time, cook the bacon and onion in the same pan. Again, you won’t be able to make the best carbonara ever if you don’t buy the best ever bacon. The bacon needs to ooze fat, because you’ll use this later to cook the sauce in. This is a very important stage
  7. Cook the chicken (chopped) in a separate pan if you’re using chicken
  8. Cook the vegetables in another pan
  9. Once the bacon and onions are cooked, pour the creamy sauce into the bacon and onions to make it into carbonara sauce. It should mix with the bacon fat and change colour
  10. Now mix the pasta and vegetables into the bacon carbonara sauce to make the best creamy carbonara recipe ever – you really won’t be disappointed!

❗ Notes: If you want an equally good, but different carbonara sauce, use smoked bacon for a different flavour.

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  • Lewis
    November 14, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    Creamy carbonara is also good with mushrooms

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